ROX passive reference

Any of our No ROX kits can be used in combination with a separate tube of the ROX passive reference for normalization with compatible platforms.


Eurogentec’s Fluorescein passive reference allows the normalization specifically on Bio-Rad thermocyclers.

Uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG)

Uracil-N-glycolsylase (UNG) can be combined with each qPCR Core kit and qPCR MasterMix available from Eurogentec containing dUTP.

UNG-dUTP blend for carry-over prevention

Using the dUTP/UNG blend easily convert in a single pipetting any dTTP MasterMix into a carryover prevention compatible kit. 

Blue additive

Convert any clear kit with the Takyon™ BLUE Additive, a non-fluorescent inert dye, which considerably enhances the contrast between reagent and plasticware. 

Prevent contamination

Using a mix containing dUTP and UNG brings security to the assay. Indeed any trace of DNA molecule from previous reaction containing dUTP will be removed by the action of the Uracyl-N-Glycosylase (UNG). 

Takyon™ 2X Master Mixes for probe assays are available with dUTP/UNG already incorporated.

TakyonTM core kits contain dUTP and UNG.