Control Housekeeping controls

Housekeeping controls allow normalization of gene expression studies. We have developed a limited set of optimized and validated housekeeping controls. 

Custom Housekeeping controls

You can request a custom design for any reference gene for normalization of gene expression.

Internal positive controls

The Internal Positive Control (IPC) is spiked into samples before qPCR assay to confirm the absence of target sequence, inhibition or a reaction set-up/cycling error.

Sample processing controls

The Sample Processing Control (SPC) is spiked into samples before extraction to monitor poor extraction yield, PCR inhibition, incorrect pipetting or cycling parameters.

Controls for qPCR

Housekeeping controls

Housekeeping controls allow normalization of gene expression studies. Reliable determination of the gene expression level across samples requires efficient normalization of the recorded signals.

Benefits :

  • Validated for human samples
  • Sensitive and specific detection
  • Full expression range coverage
  • Compatible with SYBR® green or probe Assay

Each set has been optimized to a PCR efficiency of 95-100% when combined with a qPCR kit from Eurogentec.

Positive controls

Positive controls allow you to detect inhibited amplification reactions due to the carryover of reagents used for the isolation of nucleic acids. Other causes of false-negative results include target nucleic acid degradation, sample processing errors and thermocycler malfunction.

Benefits : 

  • Specific: Does not interfere with target amplification and avoid amplification of endogenous genes
  • Sensitive: Compatible with low copy templates and available with dark quencher for maximal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Designed for multiplex assays: Detected in the Yakima Yellow®/VIC®/and JOE channel. Validated in duplex assays with the target in the FAM channel