Custom peptide Overview

We offer our vast expertise in the different fields of chemistry

Quantified Peptides

Accurately quantified customized peptides for quantitative proteomics

Heavy Isotope-labeled Peptides

Our ClearPoint™ Peptides are dedicated for use in Quantitative Mass Spectrometry and NMR analyses

Fluorescent Dye Labeled Peptides

We manufacture custom peptides with a broad range of premium fluorescent dyes that span the whole visible and near infrared spectrum.

FRET Peptides

We offer a full-range of dye-quencher FRET pairs to label your custom peptides

TR-FRET Peptides

We perform custom synthesis of labeled peptides with lanthanide metals as donor molecule.

Cyclic Peptides

We offer a versatile platform for the synthesis of lactam ring cyclic peptides

Disulfide-Bridged Peptides

We produce disulfide bridged peptides, utilizes stepwise protection or natural folding strategies.

Stapled Peptides

We offer an adaptable platform for the custom synthesis of stapled peptides catering to a variety of biological applications.


We have developed novel methods for the synthesis and purification of hydrophobic peptide modifications.

Phosphorylated Peptides

Our chemists can incorporate single, or multiple combinations of phosphoserine, phosphotyrosine, or phosphothreonine residues into your custom peptide. 

Glycosylated and Glycated Peptides

Sugar moieties can be incorporated into your custom peptide(s), at single or multiple locations.

Peptide-Oligo Conjugates

We produce up to 20 mg POCs in our facilities located in Belgium.

Peptide Libraries

We produce and deliver peptide libraries in a convenient 96-well plate format adapted to high-throughput screening.