Polyclonal Antibody Production

We produce serum and deliver purified antibodies from small to large immunized animals.

Polyclonal antibody preparation is performed according to our standard or fast polyclonal programs. We can also adapt our protocols upon discussion with the customer.

Chicken antibodies

We produce chicken IgY antibodies in eggs from chicken immunization.

Using non-mammalian hosts like chicken allows for obtaining good immune responses when the antigen is a highly conserved mammalian protein.

IgY can be isolated from egg yolk. Four eggs contain as many antibodies as the serum from one rabbit.

Antibodies against Post-translational Modifications

We produce antibodies against PTMs by immunization of rabbits, rats, or guinea pigs.

Besides our strong expertise in producing phospho specific antibodies, we can generate custom antibodies against acetylationmethylation and more complex PTMs.

Camelid antibody & VHH production

We offer custom polyclonal antibody generation from alpaca and llama immunization.

We also develop and produce single domain antibody – VHH  from Heavy-Chain only antibodies exclusively found in Camelids.

Industrial production of antibodies

We are equipped and trained for large scale antibody production. We can produce and deliver large volumes of serum or of purified monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

We also have significant expertise in long-term project management and can supply multiple antibody batches successively over time.