PCR Mixes

Our 2X concentrated PCR mixes are convenient premixed solutions combining in a single tube all common reagents needed for PCR. 

They are recommended to gain time, prevent contamination risk due to multiple pipettings and increase reproducibility of your PCR reactions.

DNA Polymerases

Eurogentec provides a wide range of Taq polymerases to meet your requirement:

  • Classical and hotstart enzymes
  • Classical and High yield enzymes
  • Clear or with loading dye.

Reverse transcriptase

Eurogentec provides reverse transcriptase. Mu-MLV shows lower RNase H activity than AMV (Avian Myeloblastosis Virus) reverse transcriptase and is suitable for long mRNAs templates (>5kb).

dNTP mix & set

Our nucleotides are highly purified (>99%) to ensure sensitive and consistent results across assays. They offer reliable and robust performance and are available as convenient 100 mM sets of individual nucleotides or in ready-to-use dNTP mixes.