Biotins & Streptavidins

Unlabeled and labeled Biotins and Streptavidin molecules

Fluorescent Labeling Dyes

Our full spectrum of dyes covers all detection channels


Our Quenchers are individually optimized to pair with all popular fluorescent dyes

Protein A Conjugates

Our Protein A are conjugated to biotin or fluorescent dyes

Enzyme Substrates & Inhibitors

We offer a quality selection of sensitive Enzyme substrates

Fluorescent Proteins

We offer protein labeled with different fluorescent dyes

Neurological & Physiological Indicators

We offer a quality selection of physiological and neurological indicators (such as Fura-2, Indo-1, and Rhod-2)

Nucleic Acid Labeling and Fluorescent Nucleotides

We offer a variety of nucleic acid stains for detecting nucleic acids and various reagents for labeling nucleotides

Calibration Standard

We offer Kits for device calibration