Hybridoma Development

We generate murine hybridoma following a step-wise approach.

We immunize mice from various antigens such as peptides, proteins, bacteria, and inactivated viruses amongst others.

Hybridomas are generated by the fusion of splenocytes from the best responding mouse with a murine myeloma cell line.

Selected hybridomas are stored in liquid nitrogen after isotyping.

In vitro monoclonal antibody production

We have long-standing expertise in custom mouse antibody generation.

We generate up to 100g of mAbs. The production is exclusively performed in vitro from murine hybridomas.

Hybridomas can be provided by the customers or produced at Eurogentec.

According to the amount of mAbs requested, we select the best production scheme and use flasks, roller bottles or bioreactors.

Boost your Hybridoma productivity

Our antibody experts have developed an optimized protocol to increase up to 7-fold (recorded so far) the productivity of low yield hybridomas.

We can compare the productivity of your hybridomas under normal and boosted conditions.