Research Oligonucleotides

Our RUO oligos range from the routine research primers to the most complex nucleotide sequences such as NGS oligonucleotides, MGB Probes and MOE oligos.

Track™ Oligonucleotides

Track Oligonucleotides offer the required traceability for demanding projects, including identification of the equipment used, the personnel involved and other important manufacturing steps during the entire production process.

Pre-Diagnostic & Diagnostic Oligonucleotides

We manufacture Pre-Diagnostic and Diagnostic grade Oligonucleotides in controlled environment.

Our manufacturing site located in Belgium is equipped with cleanrooms that meet ISO7 and ISO8 standards to prevent contamination.

ASR Oligonucleotides

We are registered (#3003830126) with the FDA as a manufacturer of custom Analyte Specific Reagent (ASR) oligonucleotides, for use in in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications.

Pre-Clinical & Therapeutic Oligonucleotides

Eurogentec accompanies you from your research to your clinical trials (Phase 1 and 2).

We produce pre-clinical and GMP therapeutic oligonucleotides in ISO8 and ISO7 classified cleanrooms respectively.