96-well plates

Plates compatible with any PCR & qPCR platforms. Natural, frosted and white format plates are available

384-well plates

Plates fully optimized for robotic application are compatible with Roche, ABI; Biorad and other thermocyclers.

8-tubes strips

Strips compatible with almost all PCR and qPCR cyclers models and available in white or frosted.

Caps & Seals

Our caps and seals have excellent optical quality properties.

Our caps are compatible with all our plates and strips.

qPCR plastics features

  • No background fluorescence to increase the signal to noise ratio
  • Optimal heat transfer to increase the reaction yield
  • Extreme uniformity to avoid edge artefacts
  • High purity, DNa(se), RNa(se), pyrogen-free to avoid sample contamination and degradation 

Why choosing natural, white or frosted plastic?

White plates significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio compared to the natural plates, but it may be difficult to see through the content. The best compromise remains the frosted plates which allow a direct view of the content and a high signal-to-noise ratio. 

How to select the plastic corresponding to my thermocycler?

A comparative table synthesizing all plastics vs thermocycler compatibilities is also available.