Custom Double dye probes

We provide Classical and locked nucleic acid Taqman® probes for real-time qPCR.
Various fluorescent dyes are available according to the selected quencher e.g. FAM/TAMRA, HEX/EDQ, ROX/DDQII and ATTO/BHQ® couples.

qPCR MGB Probes

We produce high quality Minor Groove Binding Probes perfectly suited for patient management and diagnostic of pathogens.
Our portfolio of fluorescent dyes for MGB Eclipse™ probes covers all qPCR Channels.

Molecular Beacons

We are a licensed supplier of Molecular Beacons and offer standard, wavelength-shifting and 2′ O-Me RNA Molecular Beacon probes.

Our custom synthesized Molecular Beacons are available with DABCYL or BHQ® non fluorescent quenchers. Other dyes are available upon request.

LC hybridization probes

We generate LC hybridization probes on custom request

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us or read more about our complex oligo service.