qPCR kits for probe assays

Available as ready to use MasterMixes or as flexible Core Kits, Takyon™ qPCR kits for Probe Assays will fulfill all your expectations. 

qPCR kits for SYBR® assays

Takyon™ qPCR for SYBR® Assays are Available as easy ready to use Master Mixes or as flexible Core Kits to perfectly suit your needs.

Dried qPCR kits for probe assays

Besides the liquid format, Takyon™ Master-Mixes for Probe Assays are also available in a lyophilized format stable for 18 months at room temperature. Takyon™ Dry kits are recommended for on the field testing or when cold chain becomes an issue.

Takyon™ benefits

  • Universal capabilities

    The Takyon™ kits are compatible with all cyclers and applications including high throughput and on the field testing.

  • Large dynamic range

    The Takyon™ kits give consistent amplification results over a large range of initial target concentrations.

  • Robust formulation

    The fusion polymerase is highly efficient and less sensitive to inhibitors. This allows amplification with some difficult templates like biological fluids and viruses.

  • Small reaction volumes

    The high sensitivity of the Takyon™ kits combined to the highly concentrated 5X format give reliable results even in small volume reaction.

  • Suitable for multiplex

    The Takyon™ kits allow the detection of multiple targets in a single reaction tube.