One-Step kits for COVID-19 Detection

Our Probe based One-Step Takyon® Ultra RT qPCR MasterMix enables specific, reproducible and highly sensitive viral RNA detection,such as SARS-CoV-2, with improved stability and multiplex capabilities.

One-Step kits for probe assays

Available as ready to use MasterMixes or as flexible Core Kits, Takyon™ qPCR kits for Probe Assays will fulfill all your expectations.

One-Step kits Converter

Convert any Takyon™ dTTP Master Mix for qPCR assays into a One-step RT-qPCR kit

Two-step kits

Combine any qPCR kit with the First strand Core kit to make your reverse transciption before the qPCR reaction

Dried One-Step kits for Probe assays

Besides the liquid format, Takyon™ One-step Master-Mixes for Probe Assays are also available in a lyophilized format stable for 18 months at room temperature. Takyon™ Dry kits are recommended for on the field testing or when cold chain becomes an issue.

One-step vs two-step RT-qPCR

Reverse Transcription (RT) and qPCR can be achieved in a One-Step or in a Two-Step approach.

Two-Step reaction consists in distinct RT and qPCR reactions (using MasterMix or Core Kit).

One-Step approach consists in a single tube reaction combining all the necessary reagents to amplify DNA from a RNA based sample. The One-Step Takyon™ MasterMix contains the EuroscriptII RT which delivers highly robust performance on classical mRNAs, small RNAs and viral RNAs. 

One-step approach is a simple process limiting the contamination risks without compromising performances; thanks to the robust reverse transcriptase and the additive improving performance on difficult templates e.g. viral RNAs, FFPE… 

Some one-step kits are available as catalogue references but any other Takyon™ dTTP Master Mix for qPCR assays can easily be converted into a one-step RT-qPCR kit by using the Takyon™ One-Step kit converter