Complex Oligonucleotides

We manufacture complex oligonucleotides with atypical chemistries, rare modifications, small or large scales, personalized labels and packages…

NGS Oligonucleotides

We developed a dedicated manufacturing process allowing the production of cross-contamination free custom oligonucleotides for all your NGS applications.

Peptide-Oligo Conjugates

We produce up to 20 mg POCs in our facilities located in Belgium. Each POC is HPLC-purified and QC tested by Mass Spectrometry.

Oligo Aptamers

Eurogentec and Novaptech join their expertises to provide high-value aptamer-related services which include the selection and production of custom optimized RNA and DNA aptamers.

In vivo Oligos

In vivo oligonucleotides are higher quality research grade oligonucleotides with reduced cytotoxicity.